Job Opportunities during COVID-19

Job Opportunities during COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced us all to stay home for our good. The lockdown and social distancing might seem inconvenient but these are the only ways to stop the spread of the coronavirus. With the turbulence in today’s economy, finding jobs that you want is a task on its own.

With everything coming to a standstill in the COVID-19 lockdown most of the companies are going remote in the lockdown, recruitment are seeing a slower pace, the impact of which will stay even once we go out of our homes.

Especially for those looking forward to getting started with their career in 2020.

But is it really impossible to find a job in the pandemic?

We don’t think so!

ValidLog – A document e-Wallet

ValidLog is a framework to create, store, view and share digital certificates or digital documents.


ValidLog have been working with various clients to automate background verification works of potential employees.


We, at ValidLog, have decided to provide free updates on Job opportunities to people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic and also we intent to take the candidates from any branch of engineering by providing t hem with few months of training.


You are welcome here exactly as you are, your life has brought you to this point of yearning for some type of change or healing or growth. We trust in your ability and inner wisdom to heal and to find the next steps in your path.

BE optimist

It’s normal to feel anxious. Remember that you are not the only one who’s struggling. Take some time to experience and acknowledge your feelings. Then focus your energy and attention on what you can do. Consider other options and paths: further education, graduate school, exchange programs, internships, volunteers, and so on.

This is why you must approach your job search with an open mind and explore your search at

Even during these difficult times arising out of Covid-19, we continue to remain committed to keeping you informed and updated.

No fee!

No registration!

The world of work is changing.

One of your most valuable resources as a job seeker is the internet and online communities with awesome advice for people like you. Don’t be afraid to get involved and do your research!

Kick start your career!!

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So, come onboard with us and Overcome barriers and Shape your Career with full enthusiasm. Plan, but stay open to opportunities, and keep an open mind to experiment with your career.

All the best!

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